Who Are You Living Your Life For? (Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question)



The conditions behind our birth can sometimes predominantly decide even part of our lives, our personalities and behavioral tendencies. Sometimes people are born to survive while others are born to thrive and dominate, others are striving to build empires, others are struggling to obtain a day's meal and for others whom they're responsible for.

While others see responsibility as a huge deal, many others do not, this can be traced back to how they were born and the conditioning through which they grew in. This means that people originally live for themselves, it's the first stage of existence, they try to better themselves strive, this is self responsibility, however, along the way, this original plan begins to deviate, they begin to share that self responsibility when they've discovered that they've become capable enough.

This is the same with many living things: we're born, a life force makes that sacrifice to bear us, in that infant stage we must show the willingness to survive and thrive, and a time comes when we make that sacrifice to be responsible for someone else. It makes it a cyclical process. We live for ourselves then we begin to live for others.

The reason why we firstly live for ourselves is that we need a lot of enablement in terms of resources and experiences. Resources in terms of the ability, which is derived from how well we have been living and being responsible to ourselves. These are the gems and values we have come to accrue.

For example, In living through the experience of living for ourselves, we'll learn things like character, perseverance, we'll come to see selflessness and fortitude as values by the way and these are resources that becomes necessary when we decide to make the choice to live for others. In terms of experience, this is the time through which you have taken in gathering these resources.

I used to say that if everyone takes time to choose when they want to be responsible for others, it'll make them better equipped. I know that in life, we can inadvertently choose to be responsible and not vice versa. This is why people sometimes do badly. The question "who do you live for" can be rephrased as "who are you responsible for?"



Because when you live for someone, they're entitled to you, while you're endeared to them, they might not be dependent on you, but you're responsible for them. Have you even wondered why people grow up, and their mothers still fears: for them not to get lost, Have you ever felt "too old" for the scoldings of your mothers? It's because you feel independent, but then they still see their existence being tied to things like your safety, successes and happiness.

Personally Speaking...

However, we can be laden with the responsibility of living for others, and we solely reject it, sometimes this can come as a result of so many factors that can turn this post into a novel. Personally, I do believe I try to live comfortably well, for myself because me being alive, striving hard for success is a hover of hope to so many others. To my younger one, I'm a beacon, to my mother I am an assurance, to my unborn offsprings, I am a channel.

Though, we should inadvertently create these scenarios in our mind because this is how we eventually accept the torch of responsibility since someone somewhere has ensured we get to that position to be responsible for others. So my existence is a source of happiness and hope to my extended and nuclear family, they know, feel and wish I can keep their fire burning especially when they're no longer around.

I might not just live alone to live for someone else, I'm living to be a proof, to make a point. Each and every human has a responsibility of living life in a way that should be a, first, shed an illumination on things that might be considered fallacies or untrue. So this question also extends to "what" and not just "who", our environment, our universe is a "what", we can live for reasons, purposes and innate things in general. In life, we take different directions, here lies what and who we generally live for.

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