Abundance.Tribe's Biweekly Question: What is the Meaning of a True Community?

Mr. Aloysius is a well known businessman in Ladipo Markets in Lagos, Nigeria. He is into autospare parts: Engines and gearboxes for brands like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, etc. He's doing exceedingly well and controls about three shops in the market. Not only does he have enough, Mr. Aloysius doesn't delay in helping and uplifting others. He's a man loved and respected by many, not only because of his wealth but his personality. However, the whole story changed on one faithful Sunday, when he got a call at the early hours of the day from the security guards of Ladipo, saying that two of his main shops were gutted by fire. On hearing this, he rushed down to his car and drove straight to the to the market to see for himself. On getting there, he saw that his shops and the goods inside were all destroyed by the fire. These were the shops I just restocked on Saturday he cries out in agony. Why? God why? He asked, still crying. Some of the people around tried consoling him, while others were surprised by the extent of his reaction to the incident. They said to one another, he has enough money to buy and stock more than two shops, why then is he reacting like this? However, this is man that has channeled all his savings into some of the projects he is executing.
The consolation from family and friends were not enough to abate the trauma of losing everything. He hasn't been eating enough, he doesn't go out and is always on his own pondering on the way forward. The worries and thoughts on how to get back on his feet has eaten enough flesh in his body. One day, his wife was of the suggestion that he should meet some of his friends for assistance. Of which he accepted when things got harder, however none of his friends agreed to help. Consequently, Mr. Aloysius was diagnosed with schizophrenia: a mental health problem known to comprise things such as hallucinations, delusions and disordered thoughts. Looking at the worsening state of mind of Mr. Aloysius, the people of umuato residing in Lagos had a community meeting where the discussions on how to assist him were had. They concluded on raising a certain amount of money in support of him. Mr. Aloysius had no idea of such meeting, not until the money was given to him in his house. He was surprised by the extent his people had to go in making in order to see him smile again. In no time, his condition started getting better, as business returns to normal.

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A community can be seen as a group of persons living together or having a particular feature in common. This feature can be language, environment, or goal. However, an Ideal community is more to oneself a group of persons living together or having anything in common. One thing that makes a community ideal is the care and support each member show to one another, as illustrated in the story above. Mr. Aloysius lost it all, however, his family and friends were unable to assist him, but his community people (Umuato people) came to his rescue. A tree they say cannot make a forest, so also, we cannot make a community. An isolated person living all alone in an environment, even if he has it all figured out, always have that feeling that something is missing. However, another person having toxic people around or having nothing in common with those around him, will not know comfort. However, a person living in a community of love, care and support (an ideal community) not only lives happily but also an impactful one. It is our responsibility to make our community an ideal one: the little things we do to the people around us makes a big difference. By learning to coexist with one another, we take a step closer to making our community an ideal one!
An ideal community is one characterised by love, care, support, togetherness and sacrifice.

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