Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - What's The Hardest Truth You Have Learned!


Hello beautiful people.

Today I wish to share the latest Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question.

The aim of the biweekly question, is to help promote self awareness, to encourage you to find our own answers within, whilst connecting more with your intuitive self. By questioning everything, we are inviting you to dig deep and reflect on your life. Encouraging you to focus on what you really want and how you are going to achieve it.

I think that it is pretty clear, that as we navigate these challenging times, we are coming up against many things, that are threatening our freedom's and are calling on us to make some tough decisions in life!

These decisions will determine how we progress in life and whether or not we will thrive. In helping us to make empowering decisions, I ask you......

What's The Hardest Truth You Have Learned!

I invite you to discuss, how you discovered this truth, how is has affected you and how has it changed your life. It is so important to be aware, to take the time to seek your truth and to allow it to transform you, into the person you are meant to be. The truth really can set us free!


We are living in a time, where it has never been more important to ask questions. Because we need to be informed, we need to understand and see the greater picture. We can only achieve this by doing our own research, because the majority of information especially what the media is providing for us, is very deceptive and downright false. Perhaps this is one area of truth, that you have only recently discovered. Whatever it is I look forward to hearing your story.

We all have so much to offer and so much to learn from one another. Being open to hearing different points of views, is really what will allow us all to see the bigger picture and right now, that has never been more important. There is a one week deadline for answers and everyone who follows the guidelines, will get a upvote from the tribe of at least 10%. plus one content creator will become part beneficiary to the Tie Up Post, helping to keep the abundance flowing.


  • Post your answers to the question in the Abundance.Tribe community.
  • Use any form of expression that makes it easiest for you to share your Truth.
  • Post between now and the 11th November.
  • This question is open to everyone within the Hive Platform.
  • Each written entry must be over 500 words.

I look forward to everyone’s answers and I hope that you all are having a wonderful week.




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