Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - How Do You Honor Yourself?


Hello beautiful people.

Self empowerment, is something that we all need to focus more on, in life. If there is anything we have learnt from these last few months, it is that we need to be able to step into our power, so that we can become the best version of ourselves.

Of course this is a part of our life journey and much of it depends on the choices that we make in life. I aim to choose questions, that I hope encourage you to reflect and dig deep, to take the time to connect with who you are and implement any changes, so that you become who you are meant to be!

So today I ask you.......

How Do You Honor Yourself?

What things do you do, what practices if any, do you partake in, that honor your mind, body and spirit? What affect has this had on your life, has it changed your mindset and how?

These are just a few things you may wish to think about, as you prepare to answer this question.


The aim of the biweekly question is to help promote self awareness and to promote the importance of self reflection and research, so that we can begin to go back to a point, where we are connecting more with our intuitive self. I am always telling my girls to keep asking questions, because the narrative we are told, is only ever one sided. By asking these questions, we are encouraging one another to dig deep, to focus on what we really want in life and on how we are going to achieve it.

We all have so much to offer and so much to learn from one another and that’s why I think it’s really important to open these questions up to everybody on the platform. There is a one week deadline for answers and everyone who does so, will get a upvote from the tribe of at least 10%.

Posting Guidelines

  • Post your answers to the question in the Abundance.Tribe community.
  • Use any form of expression that makes it easiest for you to share your Truth.
  • If in written form, your response must be a minimum of 400 words,
  • Post between now and the 5th August.
  • This question is open to everyone within the Hive Platform.

I look forward to everyone’s answers.


Abundance.Tribe's Weekly Gems (Week of the 19th to the 26th of July)

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This week, the tribe members call on us all, to be more informed, to take the time to do our own research! It is important that we know what is happening, so that we can be proactive and reach our full potential in life. Each post is inspiring us and motivating us to become more aware in our daily lives. Life is all about learning, evolving and being mindful in all that we do. By coming together and engaging with one another we can all share our wisdom and empower one another. We can create the world in which we all wish to live.

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