Piggericks Manual Marketplace

This is a place where you can buy pigs playable in the Hive-based game of Piggericks.

Important disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the team running the game. Do not interact here unless you either:

  1. Firmly believe that this account and the @jelly13 account are run by a trustworthy person (for whatever reason) AND/OR
  2. Accept a high risk of losing the funds you send to a stranger over internet

Why Trade Pigs Through Blog Posts?

Piggericks NFTs can be traded on OpenSea market. That is an ETH-based market where you pay fees that are higher than the value of the item traded.
The only in-game option is the shop where you can purchase a pig that has base experience and random stats. If you are a new player, you should go there first. Spending in the shop unlocks features like the Butcher and can make you eligible for various promotions. This marketplace is meant for people who have played a bit already.

How Does It Work?

I post a set of 8 pigs with a Buy now price listed in HBD. If you like it, post a reservation in the comments and send the funds to @jelly-cz account. You should send in HBD (these can be bought for Hive at internal market). I do not want to deal with changing rates so if you send Hive, you authorise me to keep the cheapest pig(s) and the leftover money (if Hive goes down before I ship pigs). You can also offer your price in the comments. I cannot promise to react on every offer but I will try to.

If you only like a couple of pigs, you can place a bid for the following sets of four:

TOP - 4 pigs in the top row
BOTTOM - 4 pigs in the bottom row
LEFT - 4 pigs in the first two columns
RIGHT - 4 pigs in the last two columns

You should offer a better price if you only want the half-sized portion.

Everything here is done manually - posting sets, negotiating, sending. It will take time. Instant transactions can be done in the in-game shop.

The best case scenario is that someone offers to code a marketplace like @nftmart that serves @dcitygame and we can all move there.

The pigs are sent to your game account. Currently, you need to have spent $30 in the Hive/HBD/ETH/DAI orders to be able to send your pigs to other players or use the Butcher. Keep that in mind when buying.

Any fellow Piggericks players selling their pigs are free to post links to their own posts so that everyone can check the prices. Do not try to sell them directly in the comments here I do not want a mess over here.

Shop Window

Levels 5-7

If you are interested in playing these levels, I will be happy to hear from you. Preferably at Discord

Level 3-4

I do not expect to sell pigs at those levels right now.

Level 2

2P01 - 21.6 HBD
Pig Package 2P01

2S02 - 17,4 HBD
Pig Package 2S02

Level 1

1B01 - 5.4 HBD
Pig Package 1B01

(More packages to be added)

3 columns
2 columns
1 column