Mesmerizing Storm Clouds over Mega Farm feedmill

Video taken September 9, 2022 at Mega farm Feedmill, Mambatangan, Upper Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City.
That day, I got so lucky to have witnessed how the clouds roll by as the strong winds blows them by.

The day started sunny, in fact, there wer no signs of rain but nature is enigmatic; one second it's sunny the next it's stormy as this, and some were worse.

It was a fine day and I got up to work early in the morning. My youngest daughter asked for cuddles before breakfast so I inclined to her request as kids grow too fast and time will come that they don't wantto be touched anymore.

I took a tour in the warehouse as per my head's request and at that moment, I noticed the couds slowly rolled by closing in our direction

And as the clock rolled, so did more clouds giving the atmosphere a gloomy appearance.

Soon, most of the rain clouds had gathered giving the sky a scary yet mesmerizing appearance. I felt God's mightiness and Hi spower thru His creation that no human can ever do and surpass.

Soon the rain fell and the wind howled, it was cold but I dared to go outside and filmed the clouds and the rain.

I put the phone down on teh ground enough to see a wide angle and on a timelapse mode and my co-workers did not notice what I did with my camera and chatted with me.

They don't seem to notice what I had seen and focusedon their works, one even got mad that the rain had come agin making his path muddy and dirty.

But as for me, I find rain beautiful despite the terror it brings when it rains too hard. I love it when it rains, and I am happy that the plants and crops alike woudl recieve water and abundance.

The rain clouds had been a pleasant sight for me, and made me ask myself; how does it feel to be a cloud when the wind turns and tumble you around so hard? I'm just happy that I knew that clouds had no emotion nor it gets hurt whenever the wind does its thing.

Anyway, I was really hoping for weathers liek this to come again and the opportunity to record such an amazing event that no one might be interested with

I used Inshot video editor to mute the sound my phone recorded and added the free wind, thunder and rain saound template. I was not able to give a smooth end as I am still learning to edit videos and use the tools for a better output so please bear with me.

I hope you all enjoyed the video adn I am happy that my vidoe uplaod on threespeak today is exceptionally fast unlike my experiences in teh last months.

So I will end my blog here, thank you so much for your time and support!


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