3Speak Tech Updates #003

New Domain: 3Speak.co

As you probably already noticed we recently changed from 3Speak.online to 3Speak.co. To provide backwards compatibility the .online links and embeded videos redirect to the new .co domain. Our main reason for moving was that .online and some other top level domains are generally considered "suspicious" by various spam filters and therefore more likely to end up in the spam folder. As 3Speak provides ticket support via E-Mail this of course isn't really desireable.

Preparing for HF24 Eclipse

As the next hardfork moves closer we began testing and upgrading 3Speak to work with the new update to the HIVE blockchain. We hope to have everything ready before the hardfork is activated by the top20 witnesses. In the event we need more time to thoroughly test the platform and the various systems that run in the background we will inform you about the expected downtime on our Discord.

Moving from hive-js to dhive

At 3Speak we used a customised version of steemJS. Our previous version use to include an additional method in the memo.js that returned both public keys from a signed memo. The code actually is on github.com/wehmoen/steem-js#8a94bae. As we only use this feature in our creator studio we started replacing the old steem-js with its hive counterpart. For a simple swap I loaded the hive.min.js and then use window.steem = hive. Later, I will replace all steem references.

Achievement System - WIP

Our newest dev team member @gotgame currently works on an achievement system for 3Speak allowing creators to complete a variety of different goals and proudly show their achievements to their viewers and other creators. Achievements are grouped in categories. Each category includes several level of the same achievement. An example would be the "Creator" achievement. This one is awarded to anyone uploading 1, 5, 25, 50 and 150 videos. If you have uploaded 30 videos your profile will show the 25 version of this achievements. In your personal dashboard you will be able to monitor your progress to each available achievement.

We plan to roll out this system later this month! So keep an eye on our Discord announcement channel. :sunglasses:

Hive Wallet - WIP

Another thing @gotgame has been working on is an all new HIVE/HBD wallet for our creator studio. This wallet will be gradually expanded with more features once we start issuing our own token and allow content creator to issue token for their communities. As the upcoming hardfork affects how assets are represented in operations, we postboned the release of this feature until after the hardfork as we will have to make some changes to the code. Stay tuned!

Bug fixes

We identified and fixed a few bugs in 3Speak:

  • When upvoting our site sometimes showed two notifications which caused confusion for some users.
  • The follow buttom sometimes didn't work due to a loading order issue with a javascript library
  • An issue was identified that caused video encoding to fail if a certain video/audio codec combination was uploaded.

I do hope you like the latest changes on the 3Speak platform.

If you do please consider voting 3Speak for witness