NTROradio S1Ep03 Music Video Special

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NTROradio S1Ep03 Music Video Special

If you are around my age you remember.

Back in the '80's the channell Mtv actually played music videos. Well, thats what this episode is kinda like. Only cooler cause I'm the host. It was pretty fun playing VJ for the day. And I will do this more as I get more time. There is a little more production than a regular audio podcast.

The audio version will be delayed. I messed up my IPFS server and will have to redo it. Until then the video version will have to do.

in this episode...

  • Sepssis hailing from the northeastern USA this an award winning female fronted metal group that just plain RAWKS hard!
  • Jerry Adams A soulful R&B singer woth a velvet voice that did an outstanding cover of "My Girl". I admit, when I saw that in writing I was like man, I hope he didnt butcher it. There are some classics you just shouldnt touch. But Jerry did an outstanding job on this. Keeping the vibe of that era while still giving it an updated sound and making it his own song.
  • D'vo Christiian Hip Hop that makes you think and want to dance.

I also throw in a third song from Sepssis at the end.

Dont miss the "Who is Web 3.0 made for" promo in there somewhere.

Comment the timestamp if you find the promo!

Until the next time. Be good and be safe and never stick your finger where you wouldnt stick your face.

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