Invitation to Live Test Session - 3Speak Desktop App


Hello Hivers,

To test our new Open Source, 3Speak Desktop, on the SPK Network at scale, we would like help from the community to provide feedback using the following method:

  1. Please come prepared with a video to upload (but don’t upload until we say during the session).

  2. Dan will upload his own video.

  3. Users will view video, check it is stored on their IPFS node, login, make comments.

  4. Users will upload their own videos.

  5. We will carry out a similar check.

  6. Live feedback session to @vaultec afterward.

  7. Fill out feedback forms (to be provided during the session).

  8. Make a blog about the session.

Hive rewards for best feedback.

Join us this Saturday, May 29, 9:00 AM Pacific Time. Link to the Telegram group:

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