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We all know how YouTube is going the extra mile to censor Covid-19 or Coronavirus related content. They are either, removing the videos completely or demonetizing some of them, if not all. Every day there are hundreds of publishers calling out YouTube on their other social media channels about these issues. This is censorship and against the fundamental human right to free speech. At 3Speak, we let the people decide which information they choose to watch and they decide which content represents their view. We do not believe in censorship. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

In order to support such creators & journalists, 3Speak is going to provide as a backup space for this kind of content.

COVID 19 Content

While uploading your videos to 3Speak, you can choose the following communities if the content is Covid-19 or Coronavirus related:

  1. COVID-19 Community: created/hive-196427
    (set up by @felix.herrmann, @demotruk and @ura-soul)
  2. Coronavirus Pandemic Community: created/hive-129768
    (set up by @indextrader24)



We are also supporting users who are posting citizen journalism at this important time. The Citizen JournalistCommunity is critical to establish what is going on, on the ground in places where mainstream media has either censored or put a spin on the news.
(Please see our Citizen Journalist Information HERE)

Check out this update on how you can select the communities while uploading your videos on 3Speak.

Before publishing, kindly read the rules of the communities and adhere to relevant topics only. In general, you can publish content about Covid-19's background, information, developments, news, and discussions from any part of the world.

We think that every piece of information is important, especially while the majority of the world is under lockdown & free flow of information is restricted and controlled by the governments.

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