Why I'm Bullish On Crypto (Mostly Hive/Bitcoin)

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Cliff Notes:
Bitcoin protects your money from gov, hive protects your free speech from gov

feels good to shill a life-changing use case, shill with pride and change the world

at the edge of the most mass censorship, the world ever has seen, not bullish on free speech protocols?
on the edge of fiat inflating to the sky and not bullish on censorship digital scarcity?

aggroed has the right vision with hive engine time to expand it

one reward pool won't scale I said that for years, it's very easy to understand. inflation is NOT for social it's for distribution. Native Hive tokens scale the social aspect for Hive.

People want to be able to take their ball and go home, aka centralized communities in a decentralized network. As long as no one can take THE ball, it works. There will always be a ball for anyone to pick up and start their own game, that's the goal.

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