Community Token Talk - CTT - Episode 8

Community Token Talk - CTT - the cutting edge of the new Web 3.0 world - Episode 8

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Jack on web3:

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Pomp kicked off YouTube

The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 54-ish w/ TheyCallMeDan & Starkerz:

Starkerz Interview with Robert:


I've done 2 interviews, and I am looking to do more, with people who are passionate about Hive, either from the technology side, or from its transformative power to enable people. I recently saw two stories from people who changed their lives after starting to be creators on Hive.

This one, from @starstrings01, talks about how he's honed his skills as a content creator and music maker, and how the money he's earned on Hive have helped him buy new gear.

Now, I can basically afford all my needs with my activities on Hive. A big fact is that, what I earn on Hive a week is more than what most Nigerians earn from working 7am to 7pm everyday in a month; Not to talk about my earnings in a month.

Moreover, being able to onboard my friends and support them (special thanks to ocd incubation program) has given me more respect from them. I love the fact I get to support them and motivate them to be active often both in engagement and writing.

So not only is Hive improving the quality of life for people, it is motivating them to bring more content creators onto the network, which is a fabulous force which will grow the community and make the chain more and more valuable.

Similarly, @victoriabsb writes about how she is able to buy a car, both from her Hive earnings but also from a loan that she was able to secure with another Hive user. They published their contract together on the Hive blockchain for its immutability.

Shit We Found

/@eddiespino/mi-cumpleanos-numero-34-gracias-a-todos-por-sus-felicitaciones - @eddiespino

- @gubbatv

/@howo/how-to-use-test-tools-to-build-functional-tests-for-hive @howo testing for Hive

Getting to know Hive, and the people who make it great.

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