Let's build DApps on SpkNetwork Platform - Part 1

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Hello 3Speak Community members

  • Let’s talk about creating DApps on 3Speak Platform
  • This would be the first video for series of the videos for the same.
  • In this series of videos, I’ll explain how to build an app on 3speak platform.
  • In this specific video, we’ll talk about how to display the data of different feeds like first uploads, trending content, new content, communities, leaderboard.

API Documentation

All one has to do is open following URL in the browser.


  • It’s API documentation.
  • Use https://jsoneditoronline.org/ or any other JSON Editor of your choice to view it in formatted manner.
  • As highlighted in the following screenshot, as a developer, one can consume it & render the user-interface of one’s own choice.

API to display Home page - videos feed


Use values indicated in the screenshot below to populate the user-interface.

API to display Trending videos Feed


API to display New Content - videos Feed


API to display First Uploads - videos Feed


API to display Leaderboard


Refer to Mobile App source code

  • Mobile app source code is open source
  • Explore it
  • Find what you need.
  • Ask me in the comment section or in 3Speak Discord

It’s too centralised

  • No worries.
  • You can use HiveSearcher API or HiveSQL or any other hive-tool
  • Query data you need & display on the user-interface you need.
  • All you have to look for is - https://3speak.tv/watch in the search query.
  • Add any additional parameters to prepare feeds like trending, new etc. on your own.

TaDa 🎉

  • That’s it for this post.
  • In this video/post, I’ve covered followings
    • Render Home Page with videos on your DApp
    • Render New Content videos on your DApp
    • Render First Uploads videos on your DApp
    • Render Trending videos on your DApp
    • Render Leaderboard of users on your DApp

More details are cooking 🧑‍🍳

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