How to catch & cook mud crabs. Pt.1


Since my last post, we planned to hunt a mud crabs. Me my cousin, relatives and friends was on a thrill mission to catch a mud crab to eat. mud crabs are exotic food and they will appear only in night time, so we plan and decide to do it this time.

My cousin told me that its almost 3 months that he didn't eat a mud crab and its 5 months for me, the first time that I tried to eat mud crab is on panagsama place in Moalboal, my friend bought it cause the people that ate it, can't finish the food, so he dicide to bring us the left mud crab food and we ate it and give thanks to people and my friend that he gave it to us.

So this time my cousin tells me that your second try will be cleaner than your first time. Because your first time didn't remove the tommy area of the crab that's why it's dirty, But this time I'll clean it much better and put a powder that it will clean the whole crab and I brush it, so I trust him.

And we catches two types of mud crabs, this video that you will see is an "ASAN" known, they called it ASAN the name of this mud crab cause they live around the fish pond were the bangus "MILK FISH" lives, a bangus lives in a fresh water along side with other fresh water food like mud crab, fresh water snake and fresh water shells.

Stay tuned for part two HIVERS, I'm sure that you will enjoy this video and more.

Once again this is Christian Sabanal aka "TAKMOL" saying that stay safe and Godblessusall.

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