Those are the things which only belong to me

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here I've sung a song which was highly got viral some months ago. The lyric,compose and vocalist is raihan rahee, who is a student of nust.This song carries a lot of significant word collection which are not seen nowadays in every songs we hear. Moreover, I've found it as a collection of some sophisticated matter like mechanical mother another side, egg fried rice money in pocket and still smile face but great hit in chest. These line are very much sophisticated for a honours level student. Not only this, after bearing all grief, Buddha outside me, but Hitler inside
Sleep in the folds of the corpse. This is the killer line I swear. this song represent a lot of feelings together for a student. Again, a tragic line we can see about love by this " Women in love with me my boomerang ahajari
The fresh Kajal eyes I left behind
The epidemic of poetry."
And at the last moment grief is felt with those friends who are lost behind the modern era

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