Battery Low, Please Re-Charge - How We Lost Out Power?

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Just a short video today... I have done it under 4 minutes, which doesn't mean that there is no message inside it... :)

I have been inspired to do this one as a combination of a couple of events around my friends on Twitter and Hive...

Everything started with this comment reply by @achim03 on my post about rules... after that, I saw the perfect Twitter post by @snook, and I had to do my part... :)

The problem of today, and maybe not just today, is that people are hopeless... I mean, a lot of people think that they are weak, and don't have anything to say, to contribute... Of course, some of the reasons for that is served through mainstream media, and just creating that bubble bigger and bigger...

The truth is that we are much stronger than we think... and I mean it in many ways... The human body is much more resistant, stronger, and powerful that it is presented... It can survive unimaginable things...

And when we add our brain and spiritual power to that super-body, we get a combination of powerful human being that can make a CHANGE... It can help, contribute, and move mountains...

It is difficult to express things by words, but if you take a break, and think about these things, you will find some incredible discoveries about yourself and YOUR POWER!


In the end, I would like to highlight one post today... It is a post by @iamraincrystal, where she talks about the excellence and how to thrive to it, but also be aware of some things that it brings...

PS. As you can see @pixiepost, I have done my video without my cap... It's because I have searched if there is some of your lost #PixieDust in it, and I found some... So, I hope it will help you to re-charge your power!

Thank you for your valuable time,


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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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