A successful Hive Radio interview at Osranee FM.

In this segment of today's writing, I provide a brief update from Ghana in response to an earlier post published this week. It was an Announcement Post declaring our plan to visit Osranee FM, a local radio station in Ghana's Ashanti Region. Since the beginning of the Hive Borehole Empowerment Project in Ghana, we have gotten several calls and invites from various media outlets to provide more information about the boreholes we have built.

On Wednesday, August 3, 2022, we (@mcsamm & @collinz) paid a visit to Osranee FM in the Ashanti region to fulfil an interview invitation. According to the program's presenter, Mr Owusu Banahene, the residents of Agona and its environs have long demanded that Osranee FM interview us in order to learn more about the brain behind the construction of the borehole for the Agona Bedomase community.

The day provided us a lovely sensation since many individuals and personnel at Osranee FM welcomed us with open arms. The conversation was mostly about knowing more about the borehole and the brain behind this fantastic effort. In this video, I present extracts from a handful of the interviewer's questions and how we answered them all.

Subtitles are also offered to enable all hivers understand what truly happened in the Osranee FM studio, as the radio station performs all of its shows in our local dialect (Twi) for its listeners. We did appreciate the several calls from listeners and those who indicated an interest in learning more about the hive ecosystem. Through this radio interview, we are pleased to introduce Ghanaians to the hive ecosystem.

It's an incredible opportunity to grant interviews to different local media outlets regarding the hive ecosystem's successes in improving people's lives in Ghana. We broadcast the amazing prospects hive has to offer Ghanaians via the sharing of hives empowerment programme.

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