Conscious Living... What does it mean, and am I practicing it? [Abundance.Tribe Bi-Weekly Question]

For those of you who don't know, the @Abundance.Tribe does a bi-weekly question prompt, run by our own @trucklife-family... Which we've had going for years now. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants, to get some creative inspiration, share their take with others, and to collaboratively explore and learn about a new topic every couple of weeks.

Here is the current question: Are You Living Consciously? What Does Living Consciously Mean To You?

This is certainly a topic that I've explored many times over the years that I've been putting out my blog/vlog... but I figured I would take a direct approach to the question today.

Well, as direct as my standing-there-talking-to-my-camera ramblings can get :-)

Hope you enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts - either in the comments here, or in your own response to the question.

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