Flip Flop Fauci, Mr. Science or Dr. Quack? America's Top Covid 'Expert' on Masks, Vaccination & Freedom

After so many lies and contradictions on all things Covid, why does anyone still trust this clown, again?

Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, nobody should be walking around in a mask, everyone must wear a mask, now wear 2 masks, no you're good with one, but two is better, but you don't need a mask at all if you're vaccinated, well only if you're fully vaccinated, but it's super important to wear a mask indoors if you're fully vaccinated, even wear a mask at home, nah you're good without a mask at home if the whole family's got the jab, but kids really need to wear masks in public, wait kids don’t need masks when they’re out and about, and now you definitely don't need to wear a mask outdoors if you're vaccinated, but your kids absolutely should if they're not vaccinated, even outdoors - hope you're not confused yet, trust me, I'm America's top expert on these things.

As for handshakes, we need to break that custom, there’s no reason to ever be shaking hands in this society again...

And about those injections: We rushed the vaccine development and even ramped up production before safety and efficacy data were available, and there are definitely some very real safety concerns the American public absolutely needs to know about, and trials didn't actually look into all these known safety risks, but the injections are definitely totally safe and effective, 100% safe and effective, although there's a few side effects, just a few, well maybe a few more, but they're extremely rare, maybe not that rare and maybe a few more than we were intitially willing to acknowledge, but it's totally safe, very safe, there's definitely no safety signals indicating that there are any serious safety concerns, and they are absolutely 100% effective and that's what really matters, studies show 95% efficacy, but real world data shows even higher effectiveness, nearly 100% effective! Well maybe only 90% effective after a few months, well maybe efficacy wanes after 6 months, but only to about 75%, you might catch and spread Covid but you're still super protected from serious illness, or maybe just mild symptoms, as there are a few breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths but they are very rare, still about 80% effective though, no wait 60%, no wait 20-40%, but vaccination is the only way to stop the pandemic because we don't know how long natural immunity lasts, and it's important to understand that you're gonna need a booster shot to stay protected but that has absolutely nothing to do with vaccine efficacy, they are absolutely 100% effective! So effective you'll need another booster after the first, and another after that, every few months, but that's just how effective products are supposed to work.

And as for mandating it, we'd never do such a thing, there's no situation in which that would be necessary, we'll definitely never mandate it for children, that's for sure, well actually now I do recommend it be mandated for children, but we'll never mandate it for the general public on a national level because that would violate your right and freedom to make your own personal health choices, but there does come a time when you'll have to give up your personal freedoms, oh wait, look it's now mandatory for the general public with a nationwide mandate, definitely necessary though and not a violation of your personal health freedom, well it kinda is but we told you that you would have to give up your freedom for the greater good if enough of you didn't voluntarily make the right choice to get the totally safe and effective experimental injection. Mandatory for the naturally immune even, despite natural immunity being shown to be extremely strong, robust and durable, but since we don't know just how durable, it's now mandatory that you get the totally effective injection that necessitates another dose every 6 months, maybe every 3 months. Why, you may ask, when studies show the vaccinated are far more likely to get Covid than the naturally immune? Great question, excellent point, the studies aren't wrong, and I don't actually have a really firm answer for you on that, but definitely mandatory anyway, because science. - Yours truly, Dr. Fauci.


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