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The HELIOS project is the brainchild of three reputable hiveians, @coininstant, @theguruasia, and @ali-h. HELIOS is a token built on the 2nd layer of the HIVE blockchain, it has a max supply of only one million tokens that can ever be minted, with over three hundred and seventy-eight thousand tokens already destroyed. The Helios token was never pre-mined by the developers, and supply is evenly distributed to users who hold HELIOS or delegate hivepower to the @helios.voter account in return for daily HELIOS payments at a rate of 20% APY.

What can you do with your HELIOS tokens?

There are many uses for the HELIOS token, including earning “HODLER” rewards for simply holding the token, burning HELIOS for HIVE blog upvotes, burning HELIOS to issue HIVE Blog downvotes (which are negative curation votes to punish abusers), as well as burning HELIOS to create brand new accounts on the hive blockchain!

How to receive HELIOS “HODLER” Rewards!

Simply hold HELIOS tokens to earn rewards. Currently, holder rewards are reserved for the top 80 users on the helios richest, these users earn a daily HELIOS distribution at an annual rate of 15%, no staking required. So by simply holding enough helios tokens users can earn a passive form of income while keeping their sack liquid. Users always have the option to convert earnings to HIVE on the open market located at HIVE-ENGINE.com, or better yet users can unlock the built in utility of the HELIOS token through a process called burning.

What is Burning HELIOS all About?

Burning HELIOS is a process of removing tokens from circulation forever. In order to burn, or destroy HELIOS tokens, users send them to the hive-engine null account. Think of the null account as locking up your coins and throwing away the key. If burning tokens to unlock the built-in utility of the HELIOS token sounds too complicated, don’t fear because the developers at HELIOS have created a website www.helios.surf to make the whole process of burning HELIOS fast and easy. The Helios website uses the secure hive keychain for your peace of mind, making the HELIOS website safe and convenient to use.

Unlocking your full potential with the HELIOS boost!

One of the benefits of burning HELIOS can be to boost your post on hive.blog, or any hive frontend for that matter! The more hivepower delegations Helios receives from the community, the more voting power we can share back with you, as long as you are producing good-quality posts. Hive.blog pays out in HIVE and HIVE dollars through a voting system built for users that post unique content on the Hive blockchain platform.

So the more quality votes a post receives, the more a blogger can earn. When a user in our community burns HELIOS, we value that action and reward the user with a boosted vote directly to their HIVE post. The more a user delegates and burns, the greater their standing with the HELIOS community, therefore the greater the chance of getting boosted with rewards which include a 30% raise over the market value of the HELIOS burnt.

Keep in mind if a user initiates a burn, and their post does not receive the associated reward boost, a 100% refund in HELIOS will be automatically returned to the user before the HELIOS is burned.

Another useful function of burning HELIOS is for issuing flags, otherwise known as downvotes. For users who would like to harness the power of the HIVE downvote to fight abuse, the option to burn helios to access our community downvote power is always available. HELIOS has a dedicated website for burning tokens to issue negative curation rewards at... flag dot helios dot surf ... All a user has to do is input the target blog post's web address to be downvoted, along with the amount of HELIOS to burn, and a downvote should be launched. If for any reason a downvote isn’t issued, the user who tried to send the flag will receive a full refund.

Burn for Accounts:

The latest feature from HELIOS is burning to create new HIVE accounts. Simply go to accounts.helios.surf to create alternate hive accounts. Since hive has many token communities on the second layer, some users have found it beneficial to set up individual accounts for each community with different curation rules. For example, some communities only allow certain types of content, so you wouldn’t necessarily want to use the same account on @weedcash as you would for @leofinance. Therefore the smartest thing to do is to keep your community tokens separated within the different accounts, and since Helios is the cheapest way to instantly create a new account on the hive blockchain, it's the best way to go!

So now that you know more about HELIOS, what are you waiting for? If you haven't already, the time to sign up on the hive blockchain is now. Once you know about these great tools built with the HIVE blockchain, you’re one step closer to earning more HIVE and HELIOS than you ever have, while unlocking your blogging potential. Helios is here to help you fast-track your blogging experience into a lucrative one. The time to start thinking about your future is now. Just as the old saying goes, the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, and the best time to get into HELIOS is now!

Video by @coininstant, Audio Voiceovers by Elevenlabs AI - Special Thanks!!

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