GrooveCast 003 with Groove Logic

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Hello Hive world! Here is another drum and bass set coming at you strong! If you haven't been able to tell yet, my heart beats at 174BPM. I love my DnB for sure, but I do play other styles, haha. I will work on diversifying my set genres as I go along, but until that point, hope you enjoy the little harder side. No voiceover on this one, figured I would spare you the nonsense and just give you the good stuff!


  1. Lost Souls - Aperio & Low:r
  2. Schematic - Cryteria
  3. Seen Savage - Syran
  4. That Bird (feat. DJ Marky) - Dossa & Locuzzed
  5. 4 Years - Cyantific & Eudaimonia
  6. Forgotten - Beatmool
  7. Breathe (feat. Goldi Phone Home) - Murdock
  8. How Does It Feel - Insomniax
  9. Sandbox - Dossa & Locuzzed
  10. Stranger Things (Aardonyx Remix) - Ground Unit

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