Almost a year of CTP Blueprint, oh boy! CTPChat Rocks! Keep it Up!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Welcome to the CTP Blueprint Weekly!

Holy cow, CTP BP is turning a year old on Saturday!!
Sometimes I still don't believe that I have my own program!!

To celebrate I'm getting a birthday present ready! Well I wanted more than one but not sure if I can have it on until Saturday lol
But I'll try!!

Thank you so so much to my beloved members! I do hope you've been enjoying it so far!


This week's My Plus1 series is Day 4 - Try Something New!


I also updated the Traffic Generation Section inside the Guide with new Mailers and Traffic Exchanges!

Thank you so much for your patience!

Some are still the same as last month because they gave me results or more traffic movement.

Is always good to remind you that these are based on my results, yours can be different, I just changed them so you can go try them as a different way of using the Downline Builders :)

If you have the Guide, you can now add/update your IDs!

If you are a free member, you are missing the fun ;)

Here are the new additions:

List Bonus


And that's about it!


@cptchat is still kicking! But you have to keep up the engagement so we can keep the CTPChat up!

For Hive to grow and live we also need to lift up the engagement with one another, so go check the accounts and check the posts and comments, and talk with others!

For you to keep on top of people's minds, you need to show up every single day! Not just once or twice a day! Or you come on out of nothing sharing your ideas and promoting something and I'll reply with "Who the heck are you??"

Engaging is rewarding in so many ways! Please use it!


Asking my fellow members for testimonials! I will give you a treat!


Don't forget to Like @clicktrackprofit's Facebook page, as well the CTP Blueprint Page to get notified by the webinars coming live!

Thank you so so much for your support!!




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