How to be a Master Jedi in List Building - Choosing your Light Saber

master jedi 1.jpg

Hello Buzzy Bees!

Had this brilliant idea of creating a new series of small videos about List Building!

So simple to do yet most don't bother doing it because it takes time, work, and effort!

Maybe by continuing this Star Wars theme might attract some!

I made a post not so long ago about Jon Olson's comparing ourselves to be like Obi-Wan, share experiences, and teach the Ways of the Force and be supportive to other Padawans.

I'm no Master Jedi myself, just a simple Padawan open to watch, learn, and practice on the way.

Small videos with bize-sized content to keep you focused and not get too overwhelmed.

And little by little, together we will create a bigger CTP Swarm full of Master Jedis!

May the Force be with You!


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