Reward: 500 HIVE for sending me Ivermectin

▶️ Ivermectin is very cheap, widely available without prescription in most of the world, safer than almost any other drug... and it stops Covid. It also treats 'long Covid' (post Covid), and many other viral, parasitic, and bacterial conditions. It is legal in Canada, but very difficult to find. I do not buy online, and do not have a smart device or bank account, so I can't get Ivermectin tablets directly. But many of my readers and viewers can easily get Ivermectin - for example, my friends in Venezuela can buy it at any corner store, for pennies. I have a mailbox... and currency. I'm very motivated to make this happen, so I am offering a bounty of 500 HIVE to the first person to send me some Ivermectin!

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What I want:

  • 480mg of Ivermectin tablets (ie: 40x 12mg)
  • postage/shipping to BC Canada

The reward:

  • 500 HIVE sent from my account to yours


I don't care if you're from Mexico, Singapore, USA, Trinidad, Sweden, or right here in my town. I don't care if you pay $200 or $2 for the tablets. I don't care if you make a massive profit, and I don't care if I could have done this much cheaper. This is how I'm doing it. If you don't like it, I'm not pressuring you to be involved.

I will make arrangements with you by email ( Send me your proposal, and I'll get back to you. For example, 'I can ship 80x 6mg tablets in a small bubble mailer via Nigerian Post airmail on Monday', or whatever. The first person to satisfy my requirements will be confirmed, and given my shipping address. We can keep in contact via email and/or Hive. When the Ivermectin arrives safely I will send 500 HIVE to your account, and do another video and post about it. Your details (other than your Hive name) will remain private. Let me know if you would like an advance to cover expenses.

Note: Yes, I really only want a few dollars worth of pills, and yes, I'm really paying 500 HIVE for this. No, there's no trick or fine print. I'm just tired of dead ends and delays and red tape, and of being sent to strange websites that require things I don't have in order to make an order. I know many of my friends can get this stuff by the ton, so I'm asking for a favour here. Consider the reward a gift for helping me out.

I had Covid in March 2020, recovered, and I now have lasting powerful immunity to the virus and any future variants. Since then, I've been in close contact with hundreds of different unmasked and unvaccinated people, and never had another Covid symptom. Natural immunity is real, even if the mainstream media and health officials pretend it doesn't exist! So I'm not personally worried about Covid. But I do want to put away enough Ivermectin in case I need to treat someone in my social circle.

Also, I now have the symptoms of 'long covid', which Ivermectin is effective against. And for 5 years I've had serious chronic neurological and/or autoimmune issues. Many people have recently tried Ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid, and instead cured old pains they had, or resolved longstanding infections, even undiagnosed mystery problems. Turns out this stuff isn't just effective against worms and viruses, but a lot more. They gave it to millions of people in India, without supervision, and nobody was seriously harmed by it. That's an unheard of level of safety for any drug. What's more, they ended their pandemic completely, thanks to Ivermectin. I'm not getting any help from the mainstream medical system right now, and my chronic illness is flaring up pretty badly due to all the stress, with what's going on in the world. So yes, I want to try a round of it for myself. It literally can't hurt me, and it could possibly improve my quality of life. That, to me, is well worth 500 HIVE!

Once I've tried a round of Ivermectin for myself, I'm going to give away a box of it, to help someone else who is having trouble getting it.

So, that's what I'm going to do with the Ivermectin. : )

I don't need to know what you're going to do with the money. : P

For those who are interested, email me now. The first to make a suitable suggestion will get the contract. Thank you. It is (will be!) a pleasure doing business with you.

The tyranny we're seeing now in the world is enabled by fear. Fear is created by health officials and ramped up by the media. But Covid is not as scary as the health officials and media are claiming. Fear is used to destabilize, immobilize, and control. Ivermectin dispels that fear, because it negates the power Covid has over us. Covid only kills 0.3% of people who get it, generally people who are extremely old and sick. But with Ivermectin in the picture, it kills essentially ZERO people who get it, and prevents the virus from doing any lasting damage to the body. No wonder it is one of the most censored topics in the history of censorship!

Thank you for helping me dispel the fear, and take power away from our oppressors!

And thank you to the Hive blockchain for making this all possible.


NOTE: I am now offering 1000 HIVE for Ivermectin. That post is here: /@drutter/reward-1000-hive-for-sending-me-ivermectin

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