Important Announcements about the Aliento Project | Video in Spanish - Post in English

Hello everyone!

This is a quick update about the @aliento project. If you speak Spanish, watch the video above. Otherwise, continue reading the post. I plan to make weekly updates or reports about the project, this time, I only have two updates, and I'm currently very busy, so I cannot extend more.


  1. More than updates, they are announcements. The first one has to do with the weekly payot for the delegator. There is a big possibility that because of the Hard Fork, we will have difficulties transferring the Hive rewards to the delegators so that the transfers may be done a few days later.

  2. The second announcement has to do with the curation rewards of Aliento. Because of the changes in the curation window, there is also a big chance that rewards will change. We will have to test to see how these changes will affect them, but I'm almost sure they will be lower. Aliento has a good advantage with current settings because almost all the posts we manually curate are found before big whales or other curation projects, so we tend to have great efficiency with the vote. As I said, we will have to test the new curation setting to see the changes.

I apologize for the spam. I'm going to tag all the delegators because they must know this info. So not in every report. I will tag them.


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