Egyptian dancer (& friend) wins prestigious French award

Around 2 decades ago, when I still lived in Egypt, I attended a powerful contemporary dance performance that blew my mind 🤯

It was passionate, beautiful, free, bold and urgent in a way I had not seen, at home, and showed me what was possible through movement and intention.

Wordlessly, using only the articulate instrument of her body, I saw how dance could be a form of poetry and activism, expressing liberation.

At the time, I did not have the nerve to approach the dancer to communicate my admiration, and so I wrote her a fan letter & we kept in touch, over the years.

This morning I happily learned that the gifted Karima Mansour, has been awarded France’s prestigious ✨Ordre des Arts et des Lettres ✨ in recognition of significant contributions to the arts, literature, or propagation of these fields.

Bravo, my talented friend, on this well-deserved achievement and may it spur you to greater heights in art & life 👏🏼

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