The cure to “Future Fatigue”

It’s hard to feel like we matter in this shit show of algorithms that determine what our consciousness is filled with, when everyone’s attention is so fragmented and yet still so centralized.

Anyone else feel like their voice is being silenced by the machine? That you have something valuable to say but that there is no where to say it where anyone will hear it? Or that everyone’s ears are numb and so nothing you say will reach them. That’s how I feel all the time.

So what can I do? I can keep throwing all my energy into the ether and hope that it reaches someone or touches something. Or I can connect directly and try to build from there.

I’ve adjusted and adjusted and will continue to adjust to gather these beautiful minds and personalities that I’ve been blessed to encounter at Hive and in my physical life. It’s not easy. I have a lot holding me down, but I have to keep trying.

The first step is to be thankful for what I have. Nobody ready my heartfelt articles and I want to feel sad about that, but should I focus on the fact that when I expressed my fatigue and frustration 4 people who I really like commented and reminded me that they were still there? Isn’t that a better take-away?

I want to finish this book of fiction and I will, but I feel we are in an age where people are longing to connect and despite having all the tools, still can’t find a way to really connect.

It’s basically because we all are focused on the end result. A new better world? Fame and success? Whatever it is, we forget to enjoy the process.

So thanks for being there for me when you are, and when you are not I know you are busy with a billion other things that life demands from you because we are all part of this matrix no matter how “enlightened” we think we are and it’s a busy, confusing matrix but it’s also rich and diverse and full of possibilities if we just appreciate what we can do in the present moment instead of trying to be more than met are right now!