🌎🌎🌎 "What kind of difference do you feel with the older or younger generations in your country or community?" 🌎🌎🌎(ccq)

We also had the age that they are now but we forget how it feels and how we react to those years that they are now and we begin to interact with them from our anxiety to prevent them from making the same mistakes we made or from them following the steps that made our success possible or we pretend in my way of seeing the issue of the intergenerational gap of not understanding that adolescence is the period of human development where we become independent and acquire a definitive identity about who we are and that process does not always happen like parents they want it to happen in the end they are going to be what they want to be for better or for worse.

Success or failure is in the orientation that we achieve with our children, it seems to me that it is closely linked to how long, how many times we accompany and communicate with our young children, when they could not become independent from our guardianship, how many times we play with them, How many times do we share their world and try to understand them, how many times did we catch up with them, how many times did we bend down or sit down to talk to them and we did not speak to them from our height as beings superior to them, that is; How many times do we talk to them from our inner child that never dies to their present child of their childhood age, for me over the years living as the relationship with my children has been I am realizing that it is the accompaniment and communication when They were small, which will allow us to guide them properly when they are in adolescence, in the face of that explosive cocktail of hormones that marks the transition from transforming from child to adult.

In conclusion, the difference is not remembering that we too were young and not accompanying them in their world and not communicating with them as equals and then pretending that they follow our guidelines, all of this plays an important role that makes a difference.

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