The No Smoking Train... 100 Days Aboard!

Good afternoon, little Bees! 🐝

Last Saturday I've reached another important milestone: 100 days without smoking!

Oddly enough, quitting smoking wasn't as difficult for me as it seems to be for most people. After I set up my mind to it, it became quite normal not to smoke... a habit, even. 😊


Photo by Stephen Acquaah @ Unsplash

The first 30 days were the most difficult ones. Now I think I can say I'm beyond all of that... smoking is no longer a thing. I don't even think about buying a pack of cigars anymore.

That chapter... is officially closed.


Photo by DesignCoon @ Pixabay

My health is starting to improve. However, I did gain a bit of weight... smoking is definitely unhealthy but it keeps you thin. (Or thinner, at least.) It looks like I'll need to exercise more to reduce my belly. 🤣

My belly wasn't the only thing that got fat. Since I've stopped smoking my wallet is a bit more fat, too. It's ridiculous how much a smoker wastes on all that crap. Now, instead of cigars I can buy Bitcoin! 😎

That's all for now... If you are planning on quitting smoking, the main trick is: stop buying cigars. After you do that, not smoking becomes a lot easier.

Edit: Sorry about the mess up with the Community Tag. This was supposed to be published under "Natural Medicine", not under "Hive Cross Culture"


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