Nigeria Staple Foods - Some Leading Foods In My Country

I told a friend of mine who's from India that I was having breakfast and he asked a question that made me come up with this post "What are the staple foods in your country?". Honestly, I got confused on which to tell him, I had to make a small list to him that was obviously lacking but it sent a message to him "Nigeria has a lot of staple foods and some maybe weird to other countries". He was surprised by one of the names of foods I told him but he seemed cool by it though.

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When it comes to foods, my country Nigeria is known to have so many delicacies and I will like to share a few of the most eaten foods here. I had to check my phone gallery to find pictures of my own to show. Thank goodness I remember to take some pictures before eating sometimes as the "not a stingy girl I am" 😂

But before I display the pictures I have, let's know what staple foods are just in case some of us don't know... They are foods that are mostly eaten, foods that can be stored easily and eaten through out the year, and they are foods that makes up the dominant part of a population diet.

Made Garri with Egusi soup

Any Nigerian reading this may immediately say GARRI is a perfect example of a staple food in Nigeria. We find this food everywhere, eat it anytime and we have so many soup that go well with it. That's a picture of made garri with Egusi soup, don't mind the picture... It was a picture of a meal I got at a party, not too professional 😏 but I just wanted to show you what garri looks like.

Also, some Nigerians also love taking garri with floating berries (groundnut), milk and cold water. This combination is very popular and very rich when it has all the combination in it but some Nigerians take it as a poor meal, I don't see it that way because it can be very delicious giving you a rich taste with little expenses 😃

Jollof rice and fried chicken

RICE is another top staple food in Nigeria. You might have heard of "Nigerian Jollof". There's almost no Nigerian party you will go to and not see Jollof rice as one of the meals served. Nigerians enjoy rice a lot and they are prepared in different ways namely Jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, banga rice, ofada rice and many others. I'm sure the Nigerians here will have more to add to the list and I wish I could show pictures of all of them but I don't have them on my phone gallery.

Bread from

BREAD, Nigeria love for bread is on another level. Every supermarket, markets or stores sell this meal to people and there are countless bakeries in Nigeria that make sure of baking this for the consumption of Nigerians. Bread is eaten in every family, it can be eaten with tea, pap or custard, beans, bean cake and many other meals.

Beans and fried plantain

BEANS, one of my favorite meal is another staple meal in Nigeria that is being eaten in so many homes. Some Nigerians dislike this meal but a lot of Nigerians like it too. It can be eaten with fried plantain like the one on the picture or eaten with rice, bread, pap or custard and even with garri.

Fufu and okro soup

FUFU, this was the meal I ate this morning... Fufu is also a staple food in Nigeria that is eaten with different soup. I'm not a big fan of fufu but I know a lot of my fellow Nigerians who prefer it to eating garri or semovita unlike me. I still eat it sometimes but it's not close to my favorite meals.

Other staple foods include Yam, Akara (Beans Cake), wheat, semovita, plantain, spaghetti, potatoes and many more that I can't remember. You can add to the list on the comment section.

All other images used are gotten from my phone gallery

Thanks for reading!!!

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