Our cultural values.

We are all born to a tribe, language, and a country. The way we view the world, our values, even the way we use language is reflected on our values.

Am from Nigeria and gbagyi language is my mother's tongue. Gbagyi language is spoken in middle belt part of Nigeria. The gbagyis are predominantly farmers.


Respect : the gbagyi people are known for their respect for elders. This is evidence in their use of language. The gbagyis hardly call an elder with his name. And the younger person most squat while greeting an elder. This respect is both ways, for the elders in the house should be the first to wake his children or family with greeting in the morning, this enables him know everyone is fine before stepping out for the day. This respect is symbolic in the way they carry load. They carry load on their shoulders which signifies the respect they have for their heads that is kings and the family head


Family values : the gbagyis hold families dear to their heart. The word uncle is almost missing in gbagyi language. Uncles are called fathers. This shows the values they attach to family.

Unity: the word fadagi (group farming) is a gbagyi word that has gain recognition in the Nigerian pidgin lexicon. The gbagyis farm in groups, as age grades go to each other's farm and work as groups.

Values against thieves : the gbagyis are feared for their strict intolerance for thieves. The (ashah) deities kills seven generation of the person's family that steals. Because of this, every family is careful to give proper upbringing to their children or family.

Kingship :the sanctity of their kingship is paramount. That's why the ashah is responsible for choosing the best person for the position. The ceremony for choosing the king or next king is done by the ashah himself. This is done by giving the eligible persons sword to hold, the person that can hold it while standing among them becomes the kings and god's approved.

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