Alago cultural stereotype

OAlago culture is one interesting culture I have grown up to know. People with amazing cultural practices even though Civilization have tend to terminate some of this cultural practices.

The Alago tribe is a minor tribe amongst the Nigerian languages, they are indigenous people of nassarawa state in Nigeria.

They give most of their time to farming as one of their major priority. Some of the farm product the harvest are benne seed and yam mostly.

There is this annual cultural festival that takes place first week of October every year. It's called the ODU FESTIVAL it's a festival that occurs once every year.


What Amazes me most is that during that festive period every woman is expected to stay at home for a period of 5 days without going out untill the final day of the festival that's when they will be allowed to go out.

I asked questions then why are women not allowed to go out and the response gotten was there is a sacrificial act that takes place during this period.
I asked again what will happen to any woman who steps out what will be her faith. Then the answer came again, she will be used for sacrifice.
Hmmmmmmmm that's terrific but i almost did not believe, but the fear has been out in the mind of every woman and so they dare not go out during that period as they will be provided with everything they need by their husbands, fathers and brothers.

So also the women also have theirs that they practice it's called ARIZENI this are set of women who set a specific day that they go on camping in the bush where they spend 7 days, on the 7th day when they will be returning from yhe bush no man is expected to be seen outside as they will walk round the village with their breast exposed.

All this we grew to know about them as it's been told as folktales. Some of them are still been practiced but Civilization has made it fade as it's not taken too serious as it use to be before.

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