Fascinating Traits About The Hadzade Tribe In Tanzania

There are over a thousand tribes in the world. Each day we get a shocking revelation of a tribe we never knew existed. In my discovery today, I came across a tribe I believe to be unique, their behavior almost teaches us about our roots, the old age men, these are the Hadzade Tribe. They are the indigenous tribes that live around Lake Eyasi in Tanzania and they are one of the last remaining hunter-gatherers in the world. The record holds that about a thousand of them remain, maybe more, but human activities such as deforestation, and construction must have made them fall in the count.

The people of hadzade speak hadzane, a unique click language that includes popping sounds and is almost impossible for westerners to imitate. They see themselves as the protectors of the land.

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One unique thing about the hadzade tribe is that they don't own possession neither do they store food for tomorrow. They live in the moment and eat enough to satisfy them at the time. They throw off leftovers and most times they don't kill another animal until they've to finish eating the one they killed. They believe nature will make provisions for tomorrow. The hadzade collaborates with the honeyguide birds, whistling back and forth until the bird has lead them to a beehive. They smoke out the bees, extract the honey and leave the beehive for the birds- that's how harmonious they live with nature.

The hadzade live a free life. They don't have a calendar, don't consider months, don't think about money, job, or anything the civilize do. Their record of time is by observing the plants and animals. They have nothing to worry about as they relate to their ecosystem. Their year of birth is recalled by events that took place at the time. Aside from the free life, the hadzade people live in harmony, they give helping hands to people in need and are free with others. They are always happy to share their tradition with people.


The hadzade have never been at war. They are peaceful people who chose to leave rather than fight. They are brave hunters but consider human life precious to be killed by another human. One most fascinating thing about them is that they teach us about our roots, our ancestral history. Their lives are so patterned like those who lived 10,000 years before the 21st century. They dressed in animal skin which also serves as a warm jacket in the cold season, they make campfires and sleep in groups outside, they use firewoods for making fires, aside from their bows, arrows, gallons for fetching water, they have no possession and take only what they need.

You can learn more about the hadzade tribe and you'll be shocked to discover how they live

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