Oh my fellow cultural people, I bring to you the most loved and celebrated aspect of our beloved culture, the IBIBIO


Many people have made important and very unique post about their traditional ways of celebrating newbies in their homes…

I made a post some time ago about culture, but on my way trying to engage peoples post to learn more, I stumble on this reblogged post on @starstrings01 blog CROSSCULTURE CONTEST: REFLECTING THE ARRIVAL OF A NEW CHILD || 4000 HP DELEGATION PRIZE. I love his blog though most times I don't comment due to the fact that I don't understand most things, but I will try anyways...

Well, I will say that it is very inspiring especially with the price. For someone like me, I would definitely go for the price, considering the fact that I want more HP right now…loll

Before I get to the main stuff, please permit me to say that I am a lover of culture, so unfortunate that most people have thrown their culture away base on some challenges they face from it.

In every unique culture, there are always unique ways of welcoming newborn babies...



What I will say now happens to be what happens mostly in the royal family, but tends to be despised by the people. Though some people still practice it, mostly by the Royal families..
Seeing them from their attire, you will know that they have long waited for it (Baby).

In the royal family, especially if the present king is someone so loved by her people, but tends to have no child for a long time, when the child eventually comes this is what you will see…


This is what happens when the due time has come for that, the celebrant will set aside a day for the occasion, the reason for this is always to welcome visitors and strangers as well to view and also come with their gifts and packages for the child, so after that day nobody is expected to visit unless permitted by the king himself...
Oh my goodness, if you see the gifts go shock
Cow, most plenty, while most come with other gifts.

Oh, most of the incidents were not captured but I use most images to describe how the day has always been. Taking a short break from the entertainment, they will now relax to hear the name of the child...



The most important thing here to know is how children are named, is by this few things I will say...


As my friend @evegrace has said

  • Resemblance

Many people give their child names base on the child's resemblance, perhaps seeing the child, they realized the child takes a resemblance to their father or mother or perhaps any good person in their family. They tend to give that child the person's name as a namesake.

Also, we have another way which is just in case one of the parents or most especially the father is in pain perhaps due to the loss of his father or mother whom he loved and coincidentally, during that period, the child is born, there is bound to be a transfer of names to the child with the ideology that "it is their parents that came back to life" and this so gives them much joy. Cherishing that child like they would cherish their parents.

The Resemblance is one key to the naming, and most of them do it due to this and that is why the people will wait to hear.


Another thing to consider is


This is one of the most awaited moments, and at this point, all persons will sit awaiting the child's name.
This is always very essential because names affect and can influence a child very well. So at this point, the king himself will give the child the name, suitable to him as so desired.
Aside from the royal people, even the main people itself do that as well. I use to see people name their children after the scenario they found themselves, some the state of life, and this will affect the child in the nearest future. So the choice of name is important.

The naming is done in the presence of all the chief councils and fellow kings, to be witness to him. As soon as that is done we get back to jollification (enjoyment and merriments).

Why it seems as though the child is hidden is because many people also use the medium to afflict the child with their nonsense juju, so to avoid that the child is kept where nobody can see unless the king permits you to view the child, then you can do so and meanwhile, you are not to touch the baby...

The naming ceremony is the most valid part of the occasion...

Did you expect the child to be carried by the priest to their shrine for necessary sacrifice?? Noooooo..
This depends on the king and what he stands for, so that won't matter as long as it is what you need...

Thanks a lot for spending time, hope it was worth a read....
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