The Shadow and the New Tasks + Daily Runes


Deeper, clearer visions

Yesterday, my sister dreamt that the son of my dad's last couple reached out to her asking for the means to communicate with him and ask him for his help. My sister refused to fulfill the request and my father later told her that he couldn't do what he'd been asked to do. She told me that dad was in the old house we used to live in and that it was in shadows and half-lights, so I decided to do a ritual meditation later and see what was going on there.

I've often wondered why my dad never left that house even though he could've. In his last years, he was always concerned that someone would break into it and steal his stuff, not the greatest state of mind to live in, especially for a man like him, usually so carefree and joyous. Last night I asked him and I walked once again through house as I remember it. As I did, I encountered the memory of a distant cousin who died when my mom was still alive. His spirit entered our home, constituting the most frightening episode that I can remember my siblings sharing, because he coursed through the house from end to end, forth and back. When told about it, mom simply said he'd come to see her, but what I found yesterday is that he'd come looking for dad instead. He was a murderer, so as soon as I connected with this memory, I felt the weight of excruciating pain and horrible darkness. I didn't properly enter the vortex of that darkness, and mom showed up to help me move away from it. We stood for a time on a balcony, watching the chaos of that darkness in front of us, and then dad answered to my original question, saying that he couldn't leave that place because he had a mission in life, involving that guy and others. When I asked about my sister's dream, he merely said he had nothing to do with that business he'd been asked for help with.


After those revelations, I plunged into the darkness of the regime which is more like a gentle balm for me at this point, and summoned great Lightning and Fire within it, taking advantage of a new development involving a subversive general who died in prison recently, probably due to torture. I took my time to summon that Light because I needed to experience the shadow part in full, but when I did, it didn't stop until I was sent into the Sun itself. I felt the flames burning me but I wasn't in pain, and as I looked around, I realized the flames were gold rings, spirals and disks engulfing me, transforming my flesh and my spirit.

As the month progresses, I'll continue delving into these secret spaces, for I also felt that I was given the opportunity to discover and train new skills and I have to find out what they are. I've also been getting information on people who have perform astonishing feats of healing and power, and I feel I'm being prompted to see how far I can go, how much more I can do. My task is getting more fascinating and profound, and I'm more than willing to Discover more, to See more.

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Night Rune: Sowelo

I check the battery of a vehicle. I enter a space as a guest but a service is expected of me.

Daylight Rune: Hagalaz

Neutrality. The Storm is the context now, only by being in the Present can we find calm in it. Silence and Reflection are indispensable at this moment. Danger, collapse, circumstances that seem to get suddenly worse, but remember, every question contains its own answer. Your pain is not unique, millions suffer, open your Heart and exercise Compassion. Be careful with your anger, work through it in private, environmental explosions are difficult enough to handle without your contribution of conflict. Only Love can reconcile all things, be thankful and listen, dismantle hatred, envy and rancor, learn and prosper. Every evolution has its price, it is better to pay it willingly.

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