Narrative Awareness + Daily Runes


The language that we use shapes our reality

When I was a kid, my language was free from profanity but I was rude in other more harmful ways. I spoke a lot from anger and arrogance, I was very reactive. Going back to those times, I'm thankful because I didn't experience that much aggression from the environment even though I called for it a lot. I guess in part this was due to the fact that I was also very hurtful within, so I already lashed myself without the need for external tyrants. As I grew up, I slowly began using more curses and vulgarities but, at the same time, I grew less aggressive both outside and within. I started feeling better. In retrospect, I can see that the vulgarities were kind of a purge from the mess I carried inside.

Right now, I don't use profanity in most cases. In fact, I don't often talk like I used to. I'm always striving to be more mindful of my words, my tone, my gestures and the thoughts and feelings arising within me in every interaction and context. It may sound exhausting but it really isn't, because awareness begets awareness. In my path as a Storyteller, I've come to understand that the weight and exhaustion come from the codes that we don't see, the unconscious mandates of our Ego, not from the data we receive from the environment. As I've dismantled my narratives, I've also become freer and therefore, my channels are wide open to register the information around me.


Dual reality is layered, like those images you see above, both made with two blended pictures of the same sky. Our narratives (opinions, preconceptions, religions, identities) are like filters or templates that allow us to look at part of the landscape but not al of it. We weave them with the words we use and the thoughts we harbor. They sift the Light (the Knowledge) that we get, letting only a portion of it reach us. The less unified these templates are, the more noise we experience and hence, the less we can see and hear. When we study these templates, however, we can move them around, getting them out of the way or combining them in new manners in order to obtain the sights that we want. They become tools instead of limitations.

We should always be ready to perform a proper review of what we're saying and thinking, the feelings that arise when we act or observe the actions of others. Criticism, complaint or blatant denigration of what we witness encloses our perspective, preventing us from learning and evolving. We convince ourselves that we already know what we're perceiving and reject it on the basis of prejudice. On the other hand, acceptance, gratitude and exaltation make our perception flourish. Me sure that you know exactly what you're saying and thinking, and how you're going about it, because your reality depends on it.

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Night Rune: Laguz

Classrooms, encounters with partners and friends. I peel a ripe fruit and eat it, but I find an unripe one within.

Daylight Rune: Ansuz

Review your words, the stories that you tell yourself and in which you believe, the ideas you support. Do they open the doors that you need? Do they connect you the way you want? Do they take you to the places you seek? One single narrative can oppress or free you depending on your perspective. Everything you say is prayer and it manifests itself with precision. Awareness of the process opens the way for understanding. Speak, converse, dialogue but avoid arguments; use the language from peace and beauty, transmute all into poetry. Redirect and strengthen your faith, fill your reality with vitality through the power of your breath. You summon everything you repeat, change the formula if necessary.

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