My Task as a Storyteller + Daily Runes


How I deconstruct the Narrative

I was pleasantly surprised to pull Ingwaz twice today. I had a wonderful dream where great restrictions shaped abilities within me that white-clad ladies helped me hone. The restrictions were already past and I saw the desert through screens while remembering its hardships. From a narrative point of view, this has to do with the whole process I've had to live in the past couple of years. I know it just as surely as I know that Gandalf defeats Durin's Bane or that Dracula finds Forgiveness in the end. This is what it means for me to study narratives, I find connections and patterns between experiences, tales, historical events, novels, films and anything else that has a story behind it, which is everything in this material Universe.

A few years ago, I watched a miniseries by Netflix called "Cooked", with Michael Pollen. It's divided into four parts, each pertaining to a classical element. The first episode relates to Fire and one of the first statements in it is that the capacity to cook our food is what makes us human. I agree that this is a uniquely human trait, but I see it as a consequence of a deeper principle. Before Fire even had a name, there was an emotion and an incipient idea related to it. First came the story of Fire, then the use of it. In my view, the main evolutionary advantage we humans possess over other animals isn't our intellect, but our imagination. Intellect is a very useful tool to be sure, but imagination is the source of our ability to name things and make stories about them, to give meaning to ideas by connecting to emotions. Fire and Tree, Rain and Sky, Money, God, governments, countries, science, they're all narratives that allow us to make sense of the world around us. We can see patterns, interact with them and also cooperate in large numbers to study these patterns and use them for our own purposes. The entirety of civilization is built on Storytelling.


I'm constantly studying my environment, my memories, my feelings, the thoughts that pop into my mind, the actions and words around me and basically every piece of data that I get. It makes no difference to me if it comes from the outside or the inside, because they're the same thing. As a result, I'm always connected to a kind of expanding feed of layered registers, like a HUD that I can tune and change depending on contexts and needs. Imagination is directly fueled by Intuition, the channel of Balance that constitutes our ever-present tether to Higher Awareness; by acting in accordance with my insights without hesitation, I can adapt to each situation with great ease and obtain important information that I then add to my library for my intellect to sort out and catalog.

This is the essence of my Service, I use it in everything, from my Rune Readings and the content I post here, to my personal relationships and my spiritual work. The way a door slides closed while I walk by in the street, or the words of strangers in the subway, may be connected to a memory of my childhood or a poem I read. My mind pulls the necessary references and I take them as simple facts without necessarily understanding them. I then make decisions based on these intersections and observe the results. It took me years to be able to accept that what I was experiencing wasn't just nonsense I was telling myself, but something much larger and mightier. Now it's just natural to me, I don't even need to make an investment of energy to keep it going.

And you can train it too. It's not easy, it requires a lot of self-review, but it provides profound freedom, I guarantee it!

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Night Rune: Ingwaz

I feel the rigors of the desert, I witness and use new capacities trained by these rigors.

Daylight Rune: Ingwaz

Sacred Geometry. In this material plain, everything has a readable pattern, everything has a story and an origin. Get to the point, to the seed of the process. Research, clarify your sight, get rid of preconceptions and prejudices, review the information in detail. Acknowledge your role in every event, formulate every pertinent question. Observe with the eyes of Love, listen with the ears of Love. Each revelation demands your attention, do not become distracted nor deviate your thoughts, focus intensely on what you are living. Activate your Vision and connect the nodes, share the data required by each channel, subscribe the necessary documentation and initiate the transactions. The Universe fulfills all your wishes but you must take responsibility for the consequences. If the current mechanisms are insufficient, change them.

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