Compassion, a Force for Change + Daily Runes


What we feel for others, we feel for ourselves

Yesterday, I talked about a vision I had of a man crying for his enemies, vanquishing a threat through honest tears and forgiveness. This vision gave me an important insight. Long ago, I was going through a dark patch of my life and a dear friend told me that I needed to exercise more compassion. I didn't understand her at the time and, while I didn't reject the observation outright, I didn't give it much weight then, but when I began my spiritual journey, that slowly came into focus and I realized why compassion is so important. Wednesday's vision comes not as a reminder, but as the latest and most powerful exemplification of that importance.

Compassion is hard when we don't experience it and challenging when we do. It's an expression of Love so deep that it can overcome hatred and rejection, suppression and tyranny. Even if faced with an army of fears and demons, a compassionate heart can vanquish all obstacles and dismantle all borders. We're all worthy of compassion, even (especially) the worst criminals, responsible for the most terrible atrocities. Understanding this was what allowed me to forgive and then reembrace the oppressors that ruined my country, which in turn allowed me to live in increasing peace, ease and joy, here and, no doubt, anywhere else I go in the world. I don't see the world in terms of Good and Evil, that perspective limits me. I just see degrees of vibration, some of them very dense, some of them very high. I connect with the higher degrees but don't eschew the lower ones. In my exploration of ancestral memories, I've come to realize that my own history beyond this lifetime is packed with horrendous crimes, I've seen the faces of my victims and I've had glimpses of the cities and towns that I've helped ravage in past lives. With that knowledge, it's impossible for me to look at Putin, Erdogan, Maduro, Trump or any other conman, dictator or murderer as merely that; I have to always be aware of their inherent humanity. After all, if they were inhuman, they wouldn't make human mistakes as they clearly do. Simply put, they see only fear and that's what they can give others, isn't that a lamentable way to live? Doesn't it warrant our compassion?

I'm not saying that you should just forgive those you feel have wronged you, everyone has their own processes and I'd never tell a mother who's lost a child to police brutality that she should forgive the thugs-in-uniform who committed that crime, or a man who's been imprisoned and tortured by a corrupt government that he should let go of the hate. I can only suggest a different approach that has worked for me: Compassion is liberation, by sharing the burden of others for a moment, we gain a deeper awareness of our own pain, our demons reveal themselves as unloved children, our terrors turn into unexplored possibilities, our limitations become tools. Compassion isn't about saving others or taking their crosses off their shoulder, but about helping ourselves into a more luminous, beautiful reality where our tribe can expand to include everyone. That's why totally recommend working on it, particularly during these times of turmoil. Living in tranquility is a choice.


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Night Rune: Jera

I assure a friend that a place is safe but it is not. I see a region of my city covered by a black hole.

Daylight Rune: Sowelo

Friendship, unity. Recognize yourself as part of the group, accept the invitation to participate in the service to others with joy and sweetness. Camaraderie is beautiful and important, but there are times that demand greater solemnity. Elevate the frequency wherever you are, smile, sing and embrace with love. Recover the fascination for simple things, exalt the little joys and reward yourself for the smallest success. Do not spend your energy in banalities, seek the noble knowledge, the useful information, the expansive and kind perspective. Be thankful for your experiences, complaint only brings misery, allow yourself to exist in a more pleasant and luminous reality.

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