Accepting the Avatars of the Journey + Daily Runes


Live the dark patches and move to the Light

Back in July 1st, I shared my Daily Runes with a focus on children and their rights. I talked about the situation of children suffering from life-threatening conditions in a Children's Hospital here in Caracas, and used as a cover the image of one of them as she presented her case before the Inter American Commission of Human Rights. Her name was Niurka Camacho and she just passed away. I felt her death as if I'd known her my whole life, as if she'd been related to me directly. Like all of her fellow patients, she spent her short life suffering of a condition that could've been treated if the healthcare conditions in the country were up to standards, but they aren't. During the IACHR hearing, she cried because she'd seen too many kids dying and expected to be the next. Unfortunately, she was right.

Even if I could've done something for Niurka or any of those kids beyond translating human rights reports or supporting my sister as she deals with the people who have to personally care for them, the regime is the actual great obstacle for their recovery and wellbeing. Now this beautiful girl is gone from this coil and opens her wings from a different plain to watch over those that remain. Thanks to my spiritual work, I know that she's now free of the anguish of her material condition, but I still wept for her because she deserved at least that token of recognition, and because for a moment, the sorrow was overwhelming.


I say all of this to get it out of my system, but it's made me go back to a revelation I received recently: knowing the destination doesn't make the journey any easier, meaning that seeing where we're heading in no way reduces the intensity of the feelings we experience while getting there. I know this girl is now well away from these thugs' influence and may even influence them in turn from where she is. I know she was suffering here and her new status is much more expansive. I know that I can connect with her directly in her present form and see her Light. None of this prevents my tears.

It's unlikely that anyone reading this from another location, or even other Venezuelans who've had no contact with the reality of these kids doomed to die, will understand why this hit me so hard, but that's alright, because everyone else also has sorrows and carries burdens that I know nothing about. What I want to mark here is that we all have to accept what's happening. If I hadn't accepted that Niurka would die, if I resisted the knowledge of the event itself, I probably couldn't have written this today, but fortunately thanks to my training, letting go is natural to me now. Whatever pain you have to face in this moment, train yourself also to experience it in full and then move on. You're still going to feel every emotion, but you'll get back on your feet faster and also extract whatever knowledge therein much more effectively. I wish you well in your process!

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Night: Mannaz

I see the networks that connect all Ancestors. I try to pay for something, my banknote is rejected by I still get access.

Day: Isa

Predispositions are obstacles, they limit learning. Do not assume nor presume, ask and listen. Keep your silence even if what to scream, pay attention to the message. Recover and maintain your composure, return to the center, align your pillars with their essential principles. The Procession must be walked inside, this applies to everyone in this moment. Understand that pain is inevitable, live it to the bones and heal yourself. Be thankful to your fears and disarm them, unify your efforts. Explore your identity and dismantle it, you are not what you tell yourself that you are. Break chains and open padlocks, discover what lies behind the Iron of your memory. If you feel the cold, increase the vibration, through the Night one reaches the Fire. Follow your Intuition, accept the Thread and roam the Labyrinth.

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