Yorùbá People of Nigeria and Drums

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Nigeria is a country in West Africa that is endowed with many rich cultural heritage. One of important cultural heritage of the Yorùbá tribe of Nigeria is drums. Drums are necessary for ceremonies (coronation, wedding ceremony, birthday celebration), festivals, carnivals. They add class and touch of glamor to an event especially if it is handled by a professional drummer. A professional drummer in Yorùbá land is called "Àyàn".


NOTE: The next time you come across a Yorùbá person whose name has the prefix "Àyàn" such as Àyànfemi, Ayantope, Ayantunde, Ayandeji etc, just know that they hail from a family of drummers.

There are a couple of drums in the Yorùbá land and they can be classified based on the type of sound they produce, appearance, where and how they were made and so on. The type of drum to be used in a ceremony is determined by the nature of the ceremony.

Yorùbá drums are made from animal skin and they are attached perfectly to a wooden frame.

Some of the drums in Yorùbá culture include:



  • Gangan - Gangan is also known as talking drum because of its ability to imitate people's voice, tone and lyrics. It has an hourglass shape and it makes it easy to be beaten by holding it under the arms of the drummer. Apart from the animal skin and hourglass shape, it also has cords on the body that determine the different tone it will produce. Gangan is still used till dates in events and even in churches.



  • Bata is also an hourglass shaped drum that has two sides of drum and it is bigger than gangan. One other characteristics is that one side of the drum is bigger than the other. Bata comes in sets of three and they are different sizes. The Bata drum is played with both hands and the drummer places the drums in between his two knees for ease of drumming.



Others include omele,sakara,gbedu, saworoide, ashiko and so on.

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