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Adultery is a condemnable act that is not tolerated in any culture or religion throughout the world. It is a demeaning act to see a married man or woman having an affairs with another woman or man. The act is not farfetched in our society and there are certain measures put in place to control or get rid of such demeaning acts.

One popular measure used by the Yoruba people of Nigeria to curb promiscuity is Magun. Magun is known as thunderbolt in English.

Magun literally means "do not climb" in English language. Magun is a charm that is placed on a woman (mostly married women) by her husband or on a young girl by her parents. A man can place Magun on his wife when he suspect that she is being unfaithful in her dealings with her. Also, parents can put Magun on their daughter to protect her from being raped, punish (death) anyone that attempts to rape her or to prevent her from having any sexual acts yet. The charm is majorly to prevent unwarranted and unsolicited sexual acts.


This charm is put on a woman without her knowing about it. It is believed that if she's aware she would not want to go on with her illicit affairs because she knows the consequences. There are some that both the man and the woman will bear the consequences of their actions and some its just the man that will suffer for wanting to sleep with another man's wife m

The consequences of Magun varies depending on the type that is laid on the body of the woman. It could lead to:

  • the man drinking water non-stop till his tummy is too big and explodes
  • he may start crowing like a male chicken
  • he may start somersaulting (if he is allowed to somersault three times, he will die)
  • the man can also be sweating profusely for hours without any control
  • the two of them may also get stucked together during the course of the intercourse
  • he could be struck with a strange diseases which would later result to death.

There are possibilities of getting a solution to the effects of the Magun if it is discovered early. They can be rushed to the person who did the charm to ask for the antidote or rush to the house of the husband to plead with him to forgive his wife and the other man.

The end result of being inflicted by Magun if you lucky not to die is not always palatable. You'd be a laughing stock in your neighborhood, it might even lead to divorce.


However, there are some people who do not believe Magun exists. They believe it's just a way of putting fear in people not to cheat on their partners. I haven't seen anyone who exhibits all these symptoms I highlighted above too except in nolloywood movies.

It is advisable to be faithful to your partner and not be used as an experiment.

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