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Welcome to the New Cross Culture's Daily curation where we bring you some amazing posts from members across communities of different cultures, focusing on but not limited to bilingual posts.

The Cross Culture community, was created by @whatamidoing.

It is a community that supports authors who make posts that share the realities of different cultures first hand, as well as different perspectives and experiences. We look for ways in which cultures can become crosscrossed and enlightening while going beyond stereotypes associated with certain culture.

The authors whose articles have been chosen for this week are all writing content of high quality, which focus on the various topics:

  • All bilingual posts
  • Posts in regional communities or tags
  • Posts related to language or culture
  • Posts in our cross culture community

Cross Culture's daily bulletin aims to bring to light all authors whose articles would otherwise remain unnoticed and lost in the platform, therefore we tend to reward authors who create quality posts, giving them a fair chance to establish themselves on the platform.

Howbeit, that's only the half of it!!!

After careful selections, our curators which come from diverse cultures will single out the most outstanding articles among all those curated to create a weekly shout out to the authors from the Top posts of the week.

📌Therefore, here are this week's awesome authors and their posts:

Enternal Journey On Sunday 16 February😍☺😀 by @srabanti


Today I am going to share with you an art exhibition organized by Birla Academy of Art and Culture Kolkata where my paintings have been seen by many artists from home and abroad and many have complimented me.

A ship lost in the bermuda triangle by @alexala


By the third day the room in the ship was located very far from the sea, and very high from the water. They stayed an additional day in order to recover.
By the seventh day they started to search for a way out of the metallic box. The top had no exit. What was left to do? The sides were too thin to grab hold of, and the bottom had no where else to go. The men walked around, tried to think, tried to understand. There was no one to talk to. They all felt lonely. To them it was more than just a feeling, it was a destiny.

Google Celebrates Turkana Human: Brief Review about Turkana Boy by @hardaeborla


There's actually no doubt that some of you who visited Google on August 1st (yesterday) might have noticed some slight changes in Google icon. The Google team had to modify the logo by adding a skull and skeleton along side with the word "Google" as their logo yesterday

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