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Hello guys and welcome to my blog today, I will talking about inter tribal marriages in Nigeria. I have great interest in this topic Andi will try my best to do justice to it. If you are a Nigerian, you would probably had an experience, you would have known or have someone who says he or she can't get married outside his or her tribe because of certain characteristics and differences. And when you ask them what exactly is happening. They always Say they have something which is bad about them and this makes them hate the other tribes.

People seems to have various beliefs about certain tribes and this so bad that some doesn't want to have other tribes as just friends. For example people belief that people who comes from Ijebu ode in Ogun state are very stingy and they hardly give out and people from Mbiase in Imo state are said to be very funny and Benin people too are wicked. Our parents have great role to play in this too, they mostly transfer their beliefs and also fears about some tribesto their children.

At this present time, it has become increasingly common for people to marry from other tribes and but some traditionalist will never do so because of their beliefs. I have met a woman who is very strong traditionalist who said instead of marrying from another tribe, she would marry a man from another country. There are some things such as history that has made inter tribal relationships to enjoy any form immunity from Judgement. There are people who belief that getting married to people from other tribes makes their customs valueless And also make their traditions are being betrayed. Some belief that when a man marry from another tribe, this shows that other tribes have better
and pretty women than them, they feel betrayed.

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Africans can sound as if they are backward but I will say that out tribes are part of our heritage and this is very important. Some Africans value their tribe as much they value their nationality. Although the free varies from one person to another. The cons of getting married to someone from a different tribe are indisputable, the language sometimes is a barrier between both families, one of the major issue is which language will the children adopt and learn, the mother's language is somehow being adopted because she is always with the children and she will definitely teach them her own language more than the husband.

I will definitely say that, it's a matter of choice of getting married to someone from another tribe once a man is convinced that the lady is a responsible one and will make a good wife. People can marry from their own tribe and make a bad wife or husband.

But for now!!!

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