the tradition of descending the baby's land in the grave

Hi Hivers

I am a newcomer to this community. Introduce my name is Afridany from Indonesia.
This time I will discuss a spiritual culture of religion in our society, which has been believed since the 12th century AD.


One of the highly disciplined cultures in Acehnese society is spiritual religion. This culture is called Celebration or Nazar. This culture has been carried out from generation to generation, one of which is the descent of the baby to the grave.

In addition, there are those who vow to pray circumcision, feasts, and so on. However, this time I will discuss a little about the vows about descending the baby land.

Long before the celebration was carried out, the descent of the baby's land to the kuburun was one of the elements of belief, which must be held at the graves of the saints or the graves of scholars. Where to add spirituality, people who make a vow have planned ahead of time if in the future they will carry it out in the grave.

The thing that is done when the baby is buried in the ground is to bathe him with coconut water. The coconut is split open and the water is poured over the baby's head to take the blessings of life. And the prayer strings read by the mukaddim to be more solemn.


The celebration is a form of promise or sacred bond that has been promised between humans and God. If a fortune favors or a promise has been fulfilled, it is called a celebration.


It can't be arbitrary, spiritual must be done by experts who already understand or understand this matter. Then the promise with God will be fulfilled when it is released. That is why religion strongly recommends that this vow be done as well as possible so as not to sin.

Thank you, I hope this information is useful. Don't forget to follow me for further news about our Culture in Indonesia.

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