I've been thinking about who is blogging for?

Write a Chinese post and think about why you want to write a blog. Think about it. If you translate it into English and let more people in the world know about it, maybe it's a good thing

source link:一直在思考,写博客是给谁看的?


In many platforms, what you think is easy to be censored. Gradually, you are also used to self censoring.

Then, Who are you writing to on these platforms?

  1. Show it to yourself? But it's not written according to your own meaning?!
  2. To the fans? It's not what you want to write, so the fans are your fans or the fans of the censored content?
  3. Write it to yourself? It can be written in your own computer documents, or in your own notebook. And it's not limited

When it comes to steem, there may be another possible reason: if you can write freely, anyone or someone can read it.

Can steem really write freely?
Yes or Oh ~, Maybe or Maybe not.
But all thing is that don't be afraid to be downvoted .

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