My quartz collection 📿


When does a collection begin to form? I guess at the first moment when we like something so much that we want to have it in all its variants. In my case, what caught my attention were the semi-precious stones.


I remember exactly that I was reading a Yoga Journal magazine and the healing properties of these stones caught my attention. There were so many varieties that I immediately wanted to have one of each type.


I was fascinated, when I researched a little more about them and learned that several centuries ago they were already used in different things. Today they are a key technology in the manufacture of equipment. Another detail that made me fall in love with them was their color, different and special in all of them. I can't assure you of their healing effects, but just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't real, right?


I enjoy having them around, I almost always carry one with me, as a bracelet, ring, or earrings. I also like to touch them very early in the morning when they are cold, this is something that characterizes quartz, and I love to give them full moon baths and place them all over the house. Yes, you can call me a quartz freak.





On my trip to Topes de Collantes I could not believe I was surrounded by them everywhere, and I did not hesitate to bring several specimens in my backpack. Something curious was that also on my trip to Boquerón, I found varieties of red chalcedony on the banks of the river. I have to confess that I left half of all the ones I collected, because there were a lot of them, and as you can imagine they weighed a lot.


They say that when you choose your stone you should let your intuition guide you and choose the first one that attracts you, that will be the right one, because they have the ability to give us protection and raise our vibes. Oh how mystical I have become.




Everyone should be happy with what works for them, don't you think? I love these little pieces of different colors, and I am very happy that in hive there is the possibility to share it with you thanks to @mipiano.

Let me know if you like quartz, I'd love to know that I'm not the only crazy one around here 😉.


All photos were taken and
edited by me. English is not my native language. I have translated my text with:

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