Recipe for cooking green mustard greens stir-fry bean sprouts

Good morning all friends, how are you all friends, I hope you are always in good health.

This morning I want to share a daily recipe that I made this Recently for a food menu with my family.

this morning I made stir-fried mustard greens, I also added cauliflower as a delicious blend, because our family really likes vegetables mixed with cauliflower, besides being delicious, this vegetable has lots of vitamins that are good for all of us and are very good for health. everyday.

every day vegetables are always a favorite menu in my little family, because my husband and children really like vegetables of any kind, I am also very happy to be able to cook every day, because my husband and children eat very Well in every dish I make, I am very lucky because in every dish I always run out without leftovers.

I also want all of my friends to try to make it delicious too, therefore here I want to share a simple home-style recipe, namely the recipe for stir-fried mustard greens.

1 pack of toge.
1 bunch of mustard greens
1 piece of cauliflower

sliced ​​spices:
2 Red onion
3 cloves of garlic.
2 red chilies.
5 green chilies.
2 small tomatoes.
10 pieces of cayenne pepper (here I use a bit of cayenne pepper because I like spicy, can be adjusted to taste
its spiciness)
a little ginger.

how to make:
Clean the mustard greens, cut into small pieces and wash, clean the sprouts too, and cut the cauliflower into small pieces.

Heat cooking oil, saute spices until fragrant and cooked, add salt.

Enter the vegetables that have been sliced ​​earlier, add a little water so that the vegetables cook quickly, stir until smooth, and don't forget to taste test according to taste.

prepare and serve, good luck, good luck.

maybe this is all I can share with all of my friends, hopefully it will be useful for everyone, if there is an error in the writing of the word I apologize.
Thank you for dropping by at my post, see you again in the next story.

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