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Let's Make Ice Mango Lemonade for Freshening This Sunday

Hellooo guys...

Today I will be creative to make a refreshing drink. Because I have mango stock at home, so I will make a drink made from mango.


With colors that are also bright and eye-catching, mangoes are a favorite fruit here to turn into a refreshing drink. So, this time I will share how I serve mango as a drink.


Here, the most important thing is that we have prepared all the ingredients needed. Then we just need to add them one by one into the serving glass.


First of all, cut the mango and lemon.



Then I made mango juice. You can determine the level of thickness according to your taste. I didn't use sugar this time, because the mango I used was already very sweet. If the mango is too sweet, you can add more water. Conversely, if the mango has a sour taste, you should add sugar. That's why it's important to taste a little mango before making it into juice so that we can maximize the sweetness of the mango and not sour it. Many people fail to drink mango juice because at first sip it tastes sour.

After making mango juice, prepare other ingredients to serve drinks. I prepared lemon juice and ice cubes. Then Pour mango juice into a serving glass then add ice cubes and lemon juice. For other recommendations you can add sparkling water and add mango slices for topping.


Finally Ice Mango Lemonade ready to served. The combination of freshness from many fresh ingredients is perfect. The Sour taste from lemon can neutralize the sweetness of the mango. It's so freshening. This drink is worth to enjoying on a hot day.


That is for today, I hope you guys get some new inspiration for making drinks.

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