Torai posto (Ridge gourd with poppy seeds)!

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My sister in law have a dry fruits shop as she has a wholesale business of dry fruits and some spices like cardamon, nutmeg and poppy seeds.. so she gave me fresh poppy seeds last year in august.. I am not a great fan of poppy seeds but sometimes for the different taste I put this in some of the dish like Torai posto(Ridge gourd), aloo posto (potato) and in some of the garvy based curries for the thickness and texture
White Poppy seeds are legally grown in India and sold in shops.

Today I made Torai Posto that is Ridge Gourd with poppy seeds. It is very delicious , flavourful dish and popular dish of West Bengal. This dish goes well with Roti /Rice.

So lets see how to make this famous delicacy of WestBengal.


Serving 2 -3

Ridge gourd-½kg
Poppy seeds-2tbspn
Salt-to the taste
Turmeric powder-½tspn
Redchili powder-½ tspn
Oil -2tbspn
Kasuri Meethi or corinader leaves for garnish


1.Slice onions.

2.chop ridgegourd.

3.heat oil in a kadhai.

4.In a mixer add garlic pods, poppy seeds.

5.then add ginger and grind a paste. add cumin seeds.

7.add onions

8.stir it and cook for 5 min. add ridge gourd.

10.further add turmeric powder.

11.add redchili powder and salt.

12.stir it. add the paste of poppy seeds.

14.mix it.

15.cook for 10 mins. the flame and serve it in a bowl. Garnish with some corinader leaves or crushed kasuri meethi.


I hope you will like this simple curry and love this dish.

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