A bowl of Grated Green Papaya stir fry!

Hello hiveans! Hope all are in good health and enjoying the day. Its March and now a days here in bengaluru the temperature is like 34°. Its never this much hot here but this year its quiet hot and I am feling very lazy. I dont know why but after waking up at morning. I feel sleepy at 10 o clock🤣.
Anyways this excuse will not work for a housewife, because she has to prepare food for her family. So today I am sharing a Very simple and vegan recipe Of Papaya stir fry.
This is bengali recipe and one of the best quick recipe which can be made within 20 mins. And it has health benifits too. We all know that Raw papaya is good for health. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and improves skin health.

So lets see what we need?

We only need some ingredients like -

1.curry leaves-5
2.coconut oil-2 tbspn
3.mustard seeds-⅓tspn
4.papaya -grated 2cup
5.turmeric powder-½tspn
6.greenchili-1 or 2
7.salt- to the taste.


1.take one fresh raw papaya.

2.peel the Papaya and cut into half.

3.White seeds are there inside the papaya take out the seeds and discard it.

4.grate the papaya

5.now heat coconut oil in a kadhai.

6.add handful of curry leaves and mustard seeds.

7.now add green chilies.

8.further add grated papaya and stir it.

9.now add turmeric powder.

10.add salt and mix it.

11.now cover the kadhai and cook for 10 mins in low meduim flame.

12.stir it and when its done then off the flame.

18.transfer it in a bowl and its ready to serve!

This is healthy, aromatic , flavourful and yummy dish. We can enjoy this on its own or can we can have this with plain parotha.. give it a try and enjoy this.

All the photos and content are mine.
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